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TASTE OF CHINA has been serving Gilbert since 1999. We always strive to provide food of great quality for all of our customers, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

For your personal benefit, here are some tips for ordering the perfect Chinese meal:

  • When ordering a meal that is deep fried, you can request to have the chicken, beef, pork, or shrimp, to be extra crispy.
  • If you would prefer less sauce, extra sauce, or even no sauce at all, we will be happy to cook to your specific wants.
  • If you see a meal you would like to try, donít let the fact that it is, or isnít spicy change your mind. Simply ask to make it less spicy, extra spicy, medium or mild spicy, or even not spicy at all. (If you would like it spicy, but would like to control the spice, ask for your meal to be not spicy, but ask for chili oil on the side and you can decide how much of a kick you want your meal to have.
  • After you have chosen a meal and carefully read the meal description, you may see that the meal you want has either a vegetable you do not like, or that your favorite vegetable is not in it at all. Ask to add/take out a certain vegetable because we want your meal to be exactly what you want.
  • The vegetables we offer are: Broccoli, carrots, snow peas, celery, Napa, Green/Yellow onions, Cabbage, Green bell peppers, Baby corn, Mushrooms, Water chestnuts, Bamboo shoots, Lettuce, Green beans, Peas/carrots, and diced Pineapples
  • When ordering a stir fried meal, here are some options to consider:
    • Little or no oil
    • Extra Garlic, or no Garlic
    • Level of Spiciness
    • Add/Hold vegetables of your choice
  • If you are concerned about your health, here are some alternatives to consider:
    • Cold and Flu or sore throat: Order one of our three types of soups
    • On a Diet /Diabetic: Order meat that is stir fried, and ask for sauce on the side, or no sauce at all. Consider healthy options with lots of vegetables
    • Skin or Acne problems: It is recommended to stay away from spicy foods and beef. Eat any one of our many chicken with mixed vegetable dishes.


  • Many restaurants say that they do not use MSG in their cooking however if within a few hours you are extremely thirsty, it is possible that the meal you consumed contained excessive amounts of MSG. These types of foods are ones that are important to stay away from


  • Anytime after cooking meat, white meat chicken should appear an off white color, And beef should appear brown. If at anytime you notice a pinkish color on the meat, then this is a sign that the meat is not completely cooked. If at anytime this occurs, call the restaurant and ask for your money back

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